Benefit Administration

Our robust system is designed, yet designed for any size pension plan with all the features needed to meet your expectations and more.

Full Featured
  • Benefit Payments
  • Checks
  • Automatic Deposits
  • Retroactivity
  • Federal, State Withholdings
  • Other Deductions

- QDROs, Liens and Levies are automatically tracked.
- Fully integrated with enrollment and eligibility system.
- Generates participant statements as often as required.

Individual Account Administration

Tracks application status, missing documents and moves from active to retiree status.


Tracks the posting of earnings, losses and shared expenses as often as required by the plan.


System generates participant statements as often as required.

QDROs, Liens & Levies

QDROs, Liens and Levies are automatically tracked through worflow process.

Medical and Dental Claims Processing

We are focused on providing integrated solutions and services to customers around the world. Putting our clients’ interests first, we work hard to exceed your expectations.

Quality & Accuracy

Experienced staff with high quality and accuracy evidenced by outside audits.

Value Added

JAA Anthem Blue Cross – deeper discounts for our clients.

Direct Access

Online access to case management, utilization management & utilization review cases.


Third party claims system allows us to have a sophisticated system that is kept current and compliant.

Provider Access

Advanced provider portal with on demand eligibility and claims status.


Automated system to track third party and workers compensation claim cases.

Fast Turnaround

Claims turnaround within 14 days

Client Onboarding

Loading of new plans and testing of those new plans for new or existing clients is performed by highly experienced staff.